September 2015

The last few days prior to my departure I spend in Cologne. It feels great to be back in the city that I used to call home only two years ago. Biking through my old hood and   meeting up with familiar faces makes me remember all the good times I had and results in great memories coming back to me. These days in Germany are filled with very old friends and family as well as with new friends that just recently came into my life. The weather and the temperatures in Cologne indicate that summer really is over so the timing seems to be perfect to catch a plane South. I am excited and cannot wait for my adventure to start.

When checking in and dropping off my luggage I am not surprised to find out that I will be traveling with no more than 14 kg, again. What comes a bit of a surprise is the upgrade to Premium Economy that I am informed about. But hey, por que no?! Before taking off I have time for a quick chat with some beloved ones and it feels wonderful to realize that important people are thinking of me and are with me in their thoughts. I am ready for this new chapter!

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