North Rhine-Westphalia

20 February – 9 March

These last couple of weeks prior to my departure are filled with meeting friends and enjoying some quality time together as it will most likely take a while before I see the majority of them again. I drop by in Holland too, to visit some good friends as well as some former university teachers of mine and it feels nice to be back in this country that is like a second home to me. One highlight of these months in Germany sure is a little study reunion in Duesseldorf with some of my closest friends who live across the globe and arrive from Cologne, Berlin, Amsterdam, London and Toronto. Around the same time there are two very good reasons that are well worth celebrating: the birthday of one of my best friend as well as my brother’s graduation. Once again, I feel very lucky to be in Germany right now and to be able to share these important moments with both of them.

Hanging out with my new Colombian friend who currently volunteers in Germany and who I met not too long ago literally helps me to get back into the Latin American mindset and creates a great desire to finally return to this exciting part of the world to continue my trip through South America. I have had a wonderful break here in Europe and very much enjoyed these past months (way more than I expected, thanks to my lovely family and my dear friends) but now it is time to pack my bags, to say goodbye and to hit the road again…

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