12 – 15 July

My next stop is a small town in the Yungas, an area north of La Paz covering everything from snow covered mountains to tropical rainforest. Coroico, the capital of the region, is a good base for some great hiking and mountainbiking and the views upon arrival promise nothing less than some exciting days to come.

When picking a hostel I bump into Samuel (from Canada) who just arrived as well. Together, we take off to explore some waterfalls located just a few kilometers from Coroico. There are three in total, featuring inviting pools for a refreshing swim to cool down from the heat of the day. By the time we get back we are quite tired so we just grab some dinner and a beer and call it an early night.

As my stomach feels a little funny the next day (probably due to some tapwater I should not have drunken) I take it very easy and simply enjoy the perfect temperatures and the hostel’s roofterrace. Later that afternoon, we walk up to a little viewpoint to watch the sunset and try “Api con pastel” a hot drink based on purple corn that reminds me of mulled wine, a very polular drink sold on German Christmas markets. It is served with some kind of pastry that is dipped in a sweet honey sirup and is a local specialty of La Paz and surrounding.

As Samuel heads back to La Paz I take off by myself on my last day in Coroico and go for a long walk, uphill. The higher I get the better the views and I am quite impressed to get to see the entire valley, the surrounding peaks of the Yungas and Coroico somewhere down there. Also, I can spot the most dangerous road in the world (known as The Death Road) in the distance, winding its way down. It is a dirtroad, 3.5 meters wide, without anything between the road and the 600-meter deep abyss. After countless of accidents it has been replaced by a new and much safer road and is only being used by bicylclists nowadays.

On the way back I pass a couple of other viewpoints as well as a very nice area that seems to belong to a hostel off the beaten track. It is some kind of garden/small park with pine trees, plenty of colourful flowers, cozy little chill-out areas everywhere (benches, hammocks, etc.) swimming pools and stunning views.

After a few days here in this tranquil place with its perfect climate it is time to hit the road again to head further south.

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