5 – 8 August

After a long and challenging busride over night with a baby next to me doing a perfect job keeping me awake, a flat tire and an engine that is almost broken (I don’t know how many times the bus just stops as the engine decides to take a little break) I am very happy to finally arrive in Sucre. Supposedly, this second capital (next to La Paz) is the prettiest city in the country with its white colonial buildings and a city center that is part of the UNESCO world heritage. I check into a place called Kultur Berlin Hostal serving German beer and an amazing breakfast buffet in the mornings – just how the Germans love it.

The timing of my visit could not be any better as Bolivia’s independence day (6 August) is coming up. Even on the day before, the festivities already start by means of parades, tradicional dance performances and marching bands in the streets all over the city center.

I meet up with Myriam who I got to know in La Paz to explore the city together. We stroll around the plaza, a park, various markets and finally end up at a terrace of a hotel overlooking the city. Around sunset, this neighbourhood up the hill turns into a vibrant little night market with handicrafts, food, entertainment options and a lovely atmosphere. Later on that night I get to try Fernet, some kind of liqueur made from a number of herbs and spices that the locals like to enjoy in combination with Coke (cola).

I use these few days here in Sucre for a mental as well as physical preparation (I finally get myself a nice alpaca sweater) for the upcoming stops as I am about to experiece the coldest temperatures on the entire trip so far and I am not sure yet how I feel about that…

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