24 – 27 August

After trying to hitchhike for about two hours Ludi, Al and I end up catching a bus. It is a great 3-hour drive through a Marlboro landscape full of red mountains, canyons and bizarre rock formations – La Quebrada de Cafayate. Cafayate itself is a sleepy little town surrounded by some of the best vineyards Argentina’s. We find a cute hostel with hammocks, BBQ area and a lovey crowd of international as well as Argentinean travelers and take off right away to a first session of wine tasting, followed by a second one the next day. As it is very hot during the day we take it fairly easy and just get a little more active after the sun sets. It turns out to be a fun night at the hostel playing cards, making music and drinking wine.

I realize that I really start getting to like this country and its people. Spring is about to arive in South America and the vibe is just nice thanks to the perfect temperatures, the sunny days and the plants and trees that start to bloom.

The next day is filled with a little more action as we go on a 4-hour hike up the Colorado river to check out seven waterfalls that can be found along the way. It is not an easy exercise as it is quite a challenge to actually find a way. Al, Lolo (from Italy), Almu (from Spain) and I cross the river again and again, jump over-, climb up- and slide down plenty of rocks and take in countless of beautiful views of the gorge, the river and the waterfalls. It feels like a playground for adults and is a great way to spend the day. At some point we cannot resist dipping into the refreshing water to cool down and find out that the water is insanely cold in fact. It actually takes a while before we are able to feel our toes and fingertips again.

During an evening-stroll around town we stumble across a little dance performance at the plaza as well as the opening of an art gallery including wine and delicious fingerfood which we highly appreciate after our exhausting hike…

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