7 – 12 September

The way to Mendoza, one of the biggest cities and one of the largest wine regions in the country, is gorgeous as the bus passes vineyard after vineyard, all framed by the dramatic, partly snow-covered Andes in the background. Mendoza region features the highest mountain in the Americas and apparently  looks so similar to the Himalayas that it was picked to shoot the movie “7 years in Tibet”. My host Olga lives in the very street where Brad Pitt was accommodated during the time of the movie production, thus, in a very quite and safe neighborhood. I meet Olga at the bus terminal, basically to receive some directions and the keys to her house. As she has to work there is no time to get to know each other just yet, so I try to find my way to a house of a person that does not know me and that I just met for five minutes – I reckon that can be described as trust…

Whenever Olga is off we explore the city together which is a very friendly and green one. It features a huge park including a little hill with a view, five beautiful and charming central plazas – each with its individual personality, and wide streets framed by large trees all over the city, next to an absolutely perfect climate. When the city was rebuilt after a heavy earthquake in 1861 the wide streets coming along with all these trees and a natural watering system – using the water coming down from the mountains, were introduced. Mendoza sure is a lovely city with a vibrant and very pleasant atmosphere and an almost Mediterranean vibe – so far my favourite Argentinean city.

Since it is the end of the week I obviously got to check out Mendoza’s nightlife as well. Al and I start the night cooking and pre-drinking at his hostel and end up hopping from bar to bar exploring various places. We also meet up with Lorena, a couchsurf-contact I have been in touch with for a few days, and rely on her insider knowledge, so it turns out to be a fun night and a convincing bar scene.

On my last night, after spending the afternoon chilling, chatting and drinking mate in the park, we witness quite a big and impressive Tango performance at the main plaza. Even though I did learn the basics of Tango many years ago I completely forgot how passionate and seductive this dance is…

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