Colonia del Sacramento

2 – 4 November

From Buenos Aires there is a really quick and interesting way to get to Uruguay – by boat. At this point, the Rio de La Plata is that wide that the ferry ride to the other side (the Uruguayan side) takes about one hour. The only reminder that it still is the river and not the ocean is the brown water.

Colonia del Sacramento used to be a smuggler’s port from where all kinds of goods were smuggled into Buenos Aires across the river. It is a charming and sleepy little town with beautiful colonial buildings and cobblestone streets. Especially after these past weeks of big city life it is a great change to just take an easy stroll around the old part of Colonia with hardly cars or people around and along the water front.

The sun here is quite strong but the constant wind is even stronger and I am surprised that I don’t see any wind- or kite surfers. I do, however, find a tiny harbour with a few beautiful sailboats and a pier that is the perfect spot to enjoy the lovely sunsets. Sitting here on that pier, fighting the wind and not being able to take my eyes of the setting sun I experience a deep feeling of happiness arising from seeing this endless body of water, even though it is not the Atlantic just yet.

North of the old part of town I find a beach with the finest white sand stretching along the river’s edge. I have the entire beach just for myself and cannot stop walking futher and further up the river, feeling the sun on my skin and the sand between my toes. For a while I have been looking forward to hit the Atlantic coast, and now I am nearly there. Further east from here the brown water will slowly but surely disappear and eventually turn into a deep Atlantic blue…

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