Florianópolis (part 2)

29 November – 7 December

After a long overnight busride I am back in Florianópolis where I meet up with Sami, who decided to come over from Argentina to join me here at the coast of Brazil. We need a couple of days to recover from our long busrides and just enjoy some sun, sand and sea. After some time, we feel energized and ready for a little adventure so we buy a very basic, small tent in order to go camping. The first challenge is to get to the trailhead that eventually leads to the beach where we plan to set camp, as we have to cross the entire island. For the 30 kilometers from the northern to the southern end of the island it takes us three different buses and no less than three hours, meaning that we are hungry and already kind of exhausted by the time we get to the point where we want to start our hike. After a lunch on the beach we grab our seven plastic bags with all the “equipment” (mainly food and water) and take off – into the wild…

The few people we meet on the one-hour hike seem slightly amused by the blue plastic bags in our hands and the lack of backpacks or any sort of proper camping equipment. When we arrive at our final destination we just have enough time to set up our tent and to collect some wood for a fire before the sun sets. When setting up the tent we are a little shocked (although it is not really a big surprise considering the little price we paid) that it is already broken since it is not possible to fully open the zipper of the tent’s entrance. As soon as the sun is gone the temperatures drop rapidly, the night is pitch black very soon and it starts drizzling so the fire is the perfect way to keep us warm, to provide a bit of light and to heat up some water for a mate (herbal tea) as well as to cook some potatoes in the coal. What starts as a cozy evening ends in a fairly uncomfortable night as the tent is very short (a definitely too short for me), the ground harder than expected and the rain quite heavy. However, this is just the first part of our adventure.

After a lovely breakfast on the beach the next morning, we are out of food and water so we don’t really have a choice but to head to a place where we can stock up our supplies. We aim for a different, longer trail along the coast that takes us to another beach with a little village where we might be able to set camp again. After hiking for 10 minutes though, it starts raining again, a few drops at first but these few drops soon turn into a steady and very proper rainfall. Even though the weather forecast did indicate that we might encounter rain we did not really want to believe it and thought we would be fine without any clothes protecting us from the rain. Well, we realize that we are not. In fact, we are completely soaked within 30 minutes. It is a beautiful but demanding hike as our wet clothes get heavier, our legs more tired and the rocky path slippier with every step. A few hours later we finally get back to civilazition – very wet, cold and exhausted but happy to have made it. We take a rest and warm up a little bit with a cappucino and some cake in a cafe before jumping on the bus (that takes even longer than on the way here) back to our accommodation in the very north of the island.

That night, the rain and the wind keep on getting more and more intense and eventually turn into a tropical cyclon that cuts the power- and watersupply of the entire island for the upcoming 24 hours so it does not really matter that we, as well as our clothes, need a day to recover from our camping trip, which has been a tough, yet very fun adventure. While Sami and I are back to normal after some time, two “firm friends” of mine will not recover anymore unfortunately: my bag on wheels that I already had to get fixed in Colombia finally lost one of its two wheels and my camera that I was about to replace a few times in the past months swallowed too much water on our hike and sadly did not survive the trip. Rest in peace little camera…


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