Ilha Grande

7 – 12 February

Being aware of the temperatures that are waiting for us in Europe we decide to spend some more days at one last tropical island – Ilha Grande. On our way to the island we are very much reminded of Ilha do Mel as there are no cars on the island either and as we are prepared (not in a literal way though) to go camping again. The only differences are that Ilha Grande is bigger (as its name suggests) and that it is not raining (yet). We arrive in the main village, find a campground right on the beach and set up our beloved little tent, slightly worried about some very dark clouds that constantly seem to get closer. Of course, we get to taste these clouds at some point, in form of some heavy showers during our first night on the hard ground, in our tent that is not exactly water-resistant. The only reason why we survive these tropical floods is a large plastic cover that our host provided us with on arrival to wrap around our little home.

The next day looks promising so it is time to take off and to start exploring the island. We take a stroll down the beach and find a trail that leads us to some more beaches with calm, green and turquoise waters and few people.

In the upcoming days we learn that there are two ways to see the island: by pricy boat-tours or on foot, by means of some serious treks. A beautiful but very sweaty hike through the jungle gets us to some lovely stretches of sand that invite to rest in the shade of some palm trees and to play hide and seek with turtles and manta rays in the warm waters. In the end of the day, we catch a boat back to the village to safe our energy for some more hikes, as we decide that for us this is the best way to explore the island. In the following days, we end up finding a refreshing waterfall as well as some black-sanded beaches and just take in as much of the warm temperatures as possible while receiving snowy updates from Europe that is calling for us very soon…

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