Leipzig, Dresden & Saxony Switzerland

9 – 15 May

Shortly after I dive into the topic of reducing “foodprints” and the amount of food that goes to waste, we accidentally meet two people who are actively involved in saving and sharing food by means of various practices. These two individuals, Erik and Nicky, are our couchsurf-hosts when we pass through Leipzig and Dresden, the first two stops on our road-trip through Central- and Eastern-Europe. Next to some interesting conversations with them about this topic, we finally also make our first experiences participating in foodsharing and enjoy the idea as well as the practice quite a lot. While, in Leipzig, we spend some time with Erik, we only get to meet Nicky virtually when staying at his place in Dresden, as he is traveling himself at the same time. It is another wonderful example of how amazing couchsurfing is, as it really brings out the best in people, up to the point that they fully trust complete strangers and invite them to stay at their home without knowing them, or in this case without even meeting them at all.

Even though I have been to Leipzig and Dresden before (many years ago) it feels like I am here for the first time, as I hardly have memories of these places. Since we did not have any expectations we get positively surprised by both cities. The temperatures are on the rise and we spend a few nice days strolling around the different neighborhoods. In Leipzig we discover a beautiful old library, a university that looks like a very modern church and a lovely panoramic view from the tallest building in the city, the City-Hochhaus.

In Dresden we are astonished by the amount of beautiful old buildings and the atmosphere created by those in combination with the river Elbe, music in the streets and many tourists strolling around on these warm and sunny days.

A daytrip east takes us to Saxony Switzerland, a mountain range and amazing national park on the border to Czech Republic. There are hundreds of hikes and since we have absolutely no clue where to go we just make a random stop and start a hike at some point. A few drops in the beginning soon turn into a steady rain, so we decide to head back to the car after 20 minutes where we drink mate and finally do some research about the area. It does not take long to find out about a spectacular highlight with easy access and a panoramic, postcard-like view. On the way to this most famous rock formation in Saxony Switzerland, called Bastei, the rain slows down and by the time we arrive the sky is clear, the sun is shining and we get to enjoy the scenery at its best.

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