Giant Mountains – Szklarska Poreba

18 – 20 May

We head north and cross into Poland. Just a few days ago I realized that the very mountain range we hit is the place where my ancestors used to live and I am very excited to explore an unknown part of Europe that I only have very little information about and yet am so deeply connected with in a way.

After a short visit of a waterfall along the way we arrive in a town called Szklarska Poreba, a popular ski resort during the winter months. We set camp and just spend the entire afternoon enjoying the peace and tranquility of our private little campground (we are the only guests) right next to a small river. On today’s agenda is nothing more than catching up on some sleep in the shadow of the trees, cooling down our bodies by doing the laundry in the ice-cold waters of the river and then warming up and energizing by means of coffee and mate. The appetite eventually makes us get up and leave our little paradise to encounter some absolutely delicious local food. Next to a pint of local beer we try minced meat wrapped in cabbage with tomato sauce and steak accompanied by dumplings and brown sauce.

The next day we take a ski lift up the mountain and start hiking downhill, all the way back to the village. We pass fields of snow, icy rivers, three colorful glacier lakes and all vegetation zones on the way, starting with rocks and a bit of grass, followed by bushes, needle beams and finally a lush forest consisting of a mixture of trees and all sorts of other plants. Even though the hike turns out to be way longer than expected it is definitely worth the effort.

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